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Amanda Kalman | USCCA Instructor | NRA Instructor | Owner of Midwest Training Group LLC.

Lead Instructor/Owner
Amanda Kalman

NRA Instructor | Midwest Training Group LLC.

Welcome to Midwest Training Group

  • NRA Certified
    Basic Pistol
    Personal Protection Inside the Home
    Refuse to Be a victim
  • USCCA Certified
    Concealed Carry and Home Defense
    Women’s Handgun and Self Defense Fundamentals

I did not grow up familiar with guns. In fact, the things I saw about them made me fear them. Later in life when I had children is when the idea of having a firearm for protection came into my mind. I knew if I was going to have a firearm to protect myself and my children, I would need to learn how to use it. That is what started my “journey” into firearms training. I have been shooting for about 15 years and became a firearms instructor in 2016. I am a certified NRA and USCCA Instructor. I understood early on that to be good at what I was doing, I would have to advance my skills. Each year I continue my training to learn and grow as a shooter and as an instructor. I have trained mainly with law enforcement instructors and in a defensive minded context. I strongly believe in always being a student because it allows me to bring the best to my students.

Continued Training

Mike Seeklander FIDC

  • Firearms Instructor Development Course

Aprill Risk Consulting – Dr. William Aprill

  • Unthinkable – Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme
  • Reactive Pistol Concepts

Vogel Dynamics – Robert Vogel

  • World Class Pistol Skills

Lt. Col Dave Grossman

  • Bulletproof Mind
  • Sheepdog Seminar

Active Response Training – Greg Ellifritz

  • Special Edition ECQF

Our Instructors

Erica Flanagin George

Erica Flanagin George
Senior Assistant Instructor – Women Only

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense

I was raised in a house where “guns are bad”. It wasn’t until I met my husband, who was an avid hunter and gun guy, that I began to view firearms very differently. I first began shooting in 2013, mostly recreational, but still had that fear. Already having my cc permit for 3 years, I knew I needed to be training seriously for my protection and the protection of my kids. In January 2018, I began training with Midwest Training Group/Lady’s View. I joined Lady’s View Elite shooting group in January 2019 and shortly after was brought on as assistant instructor. I am a USCCA Certified Instructor, Lady’s View Pistol Basics Instructor, and Lady’s View Elite Instructor. I love teaching women in an environment with NO intimidation and NO judgement and seeing them thrive…as I remember how important that environment was for me.

Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter
Senior Assistant Instructor – Co Ed

USCCA Defensive Handgun Level 1

Rachel Ritter

Rachel Ritter
Assistant Instructor

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense, NRA Range Safety Officer

Born and raised in northwest Indiana, Rachel believes that knowledge truly is power. She is passionate about equipping women with the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary to handle firearms safely and effectively. What initially started as an activity she enjoyed with her husband quickly developed into her own hobby. She began seeking out additional training, specifically from female instructors, and discovered Midwest Training Group (Lady’s View). What she found with MWTraining female only classes was a comfortable atmosphere, female specific techniques, and a supportive environment.

Jennifer Hill
Assistant Instructor

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense, NRA Range Safety Officer

I began shooting four years ago after being handed a firearm with no idea how to hold it or where to point it. I had been raised with a great fear of guns. I started with a women’s only class; then quickly got involved in a women’s shooting group. It was not long before my fear subsided and my confidence grew. Last year I became a USCCA instructor and range safety officer. Along with instructing with Lady’s View , I head the womens group at Michigan City Rifle Club-Lady Hot Shots. I enjoy helping women get over their fears, learn a new skill, and grow their confidence.